1. Research study that lead to cultural value leadership

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A leadership model, and proposed theory, where the individual seeks to feel valued through cultural characteristics. The emphasis on what the individual contributes because of the value of cultural characteristics. The role of the individual is to enhance confidence in prosperity by advancing their sociocultural footprint. Such sociocultural footprint is quantifiable (See QoUNIT platform). 

Within cultural value leadership (CVL), the independent leader guides and executes actions that increase their self-efficacy and self-regulation (Bandura, 2000). Within the branches of the sports profession, self-efficacy is undoubtedly almost natural for some and self-regulation a characteristic which only around 10% of human beings actuate on a daily basis (Weissmann, 2013).


1. How can we demonstrate we value people as they are?

2. What are the aspects of professional development in which we can influence our lives and the lives of others?

3. In what ways do we disrupt our own self-efficacy?

4. Can our self-regulation work well without having robust intercultural self-efficacy?

6. Videos from 2017

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Mercado Latinoamericano de Chattanooga 2016
Oil industry in Venezuela (Spanish language)

7. Systems, Inc. Diversity Data – HR Wording for CVL Documentation