Culture Philanthropy Phenomenon

a. What is culture philanthropy?

The term culture philanthropy refers to the phenomenon of culture serving as an asset in economic development and in social innovation.

Dr. Veronica Herrera coined the term in 2021 in a study related to the effect of cultural influences on the development of intercultural competence for additional language learners.

b. Culture philanthropist

c. Positive cultural conduct (PCC)

d. Cultural empowerment: cultural influences (casual vs. intentional)

Historical and Theoretical Framework

a. Psychological safety

b. Social learning theory

c. Constructivism

d. Intercultural self-efficacy

e. Dissertation findings

Examples of culture philanthropy

In sports: Alfonso Chico Carrasquel and his influence on the prosperity of other athletes like Luis Aparicio. At the global level, an example is the phenomenon of baseball as a national sport in Venezuela can serve as an example of casual and intentional cultural influences, and of culture philanthropy.

In the arts: El Sistema music training program in Venezuela and abroad

What do we understand as culture? [group participation dynamics]

Here are some guidelines for the conversation:

1. We understand as culture what we see as an integral pattern of the locality or region in which we look.

2. It is important to bear in mind that culture at a nuclear level are the activities that human beings carry out to deal with the environment. All civilizations on this planet have their roots in rural life, which is more commonly reflected in food than in any other elements of culture.

Respond to some classmates with answers or questions that add to critical thinking.


  1. Why did Americans immigrate to Venezuela in 1918 and beyond?
  1. How was that immigration important to the economy?
  1. What elements of culture were involved in this immigration?

Baseball as an Imported Cultural Value to Venezuela

  • Oil companies
  • Winter leagues (70s and 80s)
  • AAA players who played in Venezuela as a springboard into MLB and a better salary.